Code Club #1


On Wednesday 16th we had a special visitor. His name was Mr Smith. He helped us with coding (if you don’t know this is the coding clubs first time). He helped us by using Scratch. It was fun I sat next to my fabulous teacher Miss Grantham and Bradley. First we had to log in but lots of people forgot there password so other people had to log them on. Then we had to open up Scratch. The was a little cat in a white box. We change the background to what we liked (Miss Grantham edited hers). We had to give the little cat a script which was hard to make. It went a bit like this: when clicked, forever box, drum beat and more. Then we added a little mouse (me and Miss Grantham thought because it was green it looked a little sick or like his had a lot of beer.) We then had to make sure that the green mouse was small because when you added him he was a giant. We gave him a script. The best part about the mouse was that he turned into a ghost. Me and Miss Grantham liked it because it was funny to look at. Mr Smith liked all of the different code games. To make it a bit challenge ourself we had to add a score and when you get caught you lose -100 it was fun. At the end me and Miss Grantham played miss Grantham’s game it was so funny. We only had an hour to make a game. It was really fun. Miss Grantham asked me do you know what the script code means and I said yes and explained what I thought it meant. Most of it was right but I didn’t finish the explaining because it was the end. Mr Smith told us to get our things and line up. It was a good first time can’t wait for next time. I think it will be awesome next time.

Scratch Project

Scratch Project

Scratch Project


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  1. I’m really glad you enjoyed the Code Club. You were all awesome! I really enjoyed the Code Club too and I like seeing all the different things you did in your games.

    Next week you’ll be witch whacking! I hope you enjoy that too.

      • Chloe, remember to try and post detailed comments.

        Ok to what?

        You might like to explain that you would like to be able to share your games here, or that you wouldn’t. You might want to inquire if the person commenting has ever done any coding of their own or used Scratch. Perhaps you could ask if they’ve ever thought of running, or attending, a club like Code Club.

        All of these things will improve your commenting and could also start a conversation where you can learn lots from each other!

        Hope you’re having a nice weekend,
        Miss Grantham

  2. Hello Code Club,

    You seem to have realised one of the keys to a successful game, make it addictive.

    I read your explanation of the process involved. Details such as these gives the reader a much better idea of how much effort was put into your projects. Considering you only had an hour, these games are amazing> I wonder what may appear in the future?

    Well done, everyone. 🙂

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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